Who am I to do this?

If you have ever had this thought or said it out loud – I know what it feels like, I see you and I hear you.

I said this when I first started talking about courage… and sometimes this voice whispers back when I begin working with new clients.

So you’re 100% not alone.

If you find yourself wondering why you have not been able to achieve what you set out to achieve, how to get off the hamster wheel, how to make time for what you truly want, wondering how to get more clarity or confidence to be you, wondering why you don’t have any clients, and so on.

Please remember…

This is normal. You are not alone.

And if you need to shift your mindset or create a new strategy, please find support.

My mentor once asked me what gives me the right to coach people and be a .

~ and on this adventure of life I have experienced fear, uncertainty, failure, sadness, disappointment, disappointment

~ Every time I choose to speak my heart, to step outside my comfort zone, to set boundaries in relationships, to reframe my thinking, to take action despite fear… I choose to reimagine my life and inspire others to act courageously.

~ . and be a single parent, start my business and seek support.

~ – Though it was terrifying, my life was a rollercoaster, it was looking uncertain, yet I chose to keep my head held high and rise up strong. My dream was to find myself and come back to who I am after years of losing myself. I had a mantra – Just show up and look ahead.

~ – in personal and professional life. Dared to dream and lead in all aspects of life I chose not to be in a hostage mindset but to live a life of possibilities.

~ and I have lived the courage work of Brene Brown and done the work on myself.

Was it easy? No. But it is possible, yesss!

What about you? What inspires you to do what you do? Do share to inspire us! ​

And if there is a coach or mentor or a friend who you think you can turn to, I encourage you to take action and reframe the question to… “Who are you NOT to do this?”

Have a courageous week!

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