Gift a Coaching Session

Gift a Coaching Session

Want to surprise your colleague, friends or family with a gift of personal and professional development? Is there a loved one or someone you know, who can benefit from Executive Coaching? 

Coaching gift cards are a true investment in the individual’s potential and future.  Simply click on the button below to choose a gift. If you aren’t sure what to choose, you are always welcome to email me for more information. I am happy to recommend what might be the perfect gift for the recipient.

Signature PATH Coaching Session
Gift Voucher

Is this the best gift ever? Perfect for the person who has everything! YET …is looking for clarity & meaning in their life 

PATH stands for Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope. Get crystal clear on how you want your life to unfold in the next few years. This session takes you creatively but systematically through a deep yet highly productive  coaching process for creating clarity and meaning in your life.  

All in 3 hours! Valid for 1 year from Purchase.

Executive Leadership Coaching
Gift Voucher

The perfect gift to enable someone to work on any area of leadership 

  • Encourage them to take a positive step towards their personal and professional life.
  • Enable them to navigate difficult life-situations.
  • Help them re-discover their passion and purpose.

Valid until 1 year from purchase. Available in 1, 3 or 6 sessions.

One Powerful Conversation can change your life!

If you’re ready to leap into a level of success that fulfils you , let’s connect today.

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