About me

Hi! I’m Farah. 

I am an executive coach, professional facilitator, speaker, and author. I have dedicated over 25 years helping purpose-driven global organizations build leadership capabilities.

My facilitation and coaching practice is built out of my decades of professional experience in leadership consulting, global exposure to working and living across cultures, and personal training that I invest in. 

I partner with leaders, changemakers, entrepreneurs who find themselves frustrated and unfulfilled despite outward signs of success. When they work with me, they re-imagine their business, crafting a lucrative purpose-driven enterprise that delivers more clarity, confidence, connection and meaning.

Having rebuilt my own life and business from scratch after experiencing a couple of life changing experiences, I know what it takes to forge a new path towards a meaningful and abundant life and I offer my clients a proven blueprint for success.

I love the experience of being a thinking partner with my clients in the space of trust, commitment, and vision. It has been my great privilege to work with extraordinary human beings.

 I love what I do and I love whom I do it with.

‘The future is not something we enter. The future is something we create’ – Leonard Sweet
My greatest wish is to help support you create the future you desire. You are not alone!

My Backstory


It all started when I was young and I dreamt of doing my MBA in the USA. When I finally got accepted by a reputed University, I couldn’t go. I was heartbroken.

Life had other plans for me. But then… I did get my MBA. At 40!

A Masters of Beginners in Adventure. It was a trek that challenged my limits and allowed me to question what I thought was possible. And that, to this day, has remained a mindset I’ve adopted in life.  

” A traveller I am, and a navigator, and everyday I discover a new region of my soul”  ~Khalil Gibran.


Flying for an airline, working across cultures and exploring the world all expanded my vision. 

Years later, I had the bold dream of starting my own facilitation and coaching business. I said YES to turning that dream into my reality; that’s how Interact Consulting was born. 

With that, I got to collaborate with inspiring individuals who change the world for the better. I now travel globally to facilitate leadership workshops for my clients and speak on stages across the globe.

I believe that the biggest adventure you can take is to live the life of your dreams.


I too have been through the highs and lows of life’s roller-coaster. I was once stuck in the cycle of grief and fear. After going through a few life changing experiences, I felt powerless staying in a cycle that wasn’t serving me. But the experience surfaced some tough questions

Who do I need to be to choose a life of courage?
Who do I need to be to alter my relationship with fear?
Who do I need to be to create value in the world I live in?

I understood that it’s in deciding who I want to be rather than what I want do, that I could turn my life around for the better. I decided my future is not something I enter, but rather what I create. My life lessons became the catalyst for my greatest personal growth.

Today, it is my passion to be a courage catalyst for others. I inspire you to stop dreaming and start living your dream. Ready to be unstoppable?

Farah is Best Known for

Facilitating Leadership and Coaching Programs

  • Integral Growth for Women in Leadership 
  • LEAD- Leadership exploration and Development 
  • Courage to Soar Group Coaching 
  • Facilitation Skills for Leaders

Credentials & Experience

  • Certified Professional Facilitator – CPF (IAF)
  • Professional Certified Coach – PCC  (ICF)
  • Dare to Lead trained – Brene Brown
  • WBECS Facilitator
  • Kirkpatrick Certified – Bronze
  • IAF Gold Facilitation Impact Award 2021

Social & Societal Contributions

  • #IamRemarkable Facilitator, a Google Project
  • Outward Bound India Advisory Board Member 
  • Host of ‘Unhurried Conversations’ started in Cambridge, UK  
  • Regional Director for Asia – International Association of Facilitators (2019-2022)


Client success stories

My first interaction with Farah was in 2017, when I learnt about the IAF and subsequently, she volunteered to help me frame a workshop I was designing. Her passion and dedication towards Coaching and Facilitation have grown manifold since that first meeting as she has deepened her knowledge and experience in these fields. During our professional collaborations, Farah has shown agility and adaptability to suit the changing needs of the group. From workshops on Building Trust, Mapping & Building Your Professional Network, PATH workshops to one-on-one feedback on our Facilitation designs, Farah has proven to be an amazing Partner for Decathlon. She strives to understand you and your needs from the first meeting and delivers beyond her scope of work each time. I am happy to call Farah a professional partner, a mentor and a friend. I look forward to a continued relationship with her and will certainly recommend her in the spaces of Coaching, Facilitation, Group Work, Leadership Development and Empowerment.
Sangita Padiyar
Decathlon Sports India, Leader - Internal Communication + Decathlon Exchange, India
Farah is an incredible force - she is experienced, positive, empathetic and courageous. She leads by example. I attended her Women's Leadership Programme called 'Courage to Soar' which helped me not only to tap into my innate strengths, courage and resilience but also to create a vision for my future that inspires me. Further to that I had one on one coaching with Farah and my biggest breakthroughs were overcoming my tendency to doubt myself, creative problem solving, relooking at the negative stories I created in my mind about situations and people and practising self-compassion. She was never directive in her approach. She asked the right questions, which helped me explore my concerns in different ways and then solving them became easy. She saw the best in me and brought it out!
Divya Nandakumar
Leadership Coach at Jeetva Leadership Academy

One Powerful Conversation can change your life!

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