Success Stories

Farah dreams big, flies high, plays brave, attempts impossible and delivers awesomeness, every single time. We have co- designed, co- facilitated and co-evolved. Farah’s passion and vibrance is awe inspiring. What I admire most about her is her non - judgmental and courageous being. Whenever she holds a coaching space for me, her BEING simply dissolves my challenge and I can see self, others and possibilities in a very different light. She is magic.
Manisha Grover
Chief Consultant at P.A.C.E.
Farah is a professional who naturally manages to make you feel at ease. She is emphatic while simultaneously encouraging and challenging you to find your own answers. Sessions with Farah are an eye opener. She guides you to places you were too scared to visit before and she is an excellent companion in the journey to self-rediscovery. With Farah’s help I have started remembering a few things about myself that I had almost forgotten. Her approach is totally non-judgmental and the sessions are really focused on you and on what you want to achieve. I certainly intend to attend more in the near future!
Nassira Ahamed
Co-Founder at Globex
I had the opportunity to be mentored by Farah in 2020. I was going through a grind and was not able to see the end of the tunnel despite my best efforts. I still remember vividly how we started off and all the beautiful processes she took me through. I have since then incorporated many beautiful rituals in my life. When I’m stuck, I still go back to the powerful questions she put forth for me. Beyond the processes and rituals, I consider it a sheer blessing to have associated with some one so down to earth and authentic. Thank you for being you! My sincere gratitude.
Nisha Safeer
Watermelon Global, Learning Strategist | Entrepreneur
When I met Farah,  I had reached a point in my life where I was struggling to find a way to explore my future path. After working with Farah, I was able to connect with myself, imagine possibilities and discover a path to move forward with courage.  Farah’s skills as a facilitator and coach supported me individually so I could dream, challenge myself, be honest and  be vulnerable. The path I carved has led to to prepare for a different phase in my life. I am truly grateful for this opportunity to be part of the Courage to Soar Program
Amanda Stott
Business Owner , UK
I had a Courage breakthrough session with Farah in April 2022. She understood my needs and guided me towards achieving my goals. I have taken action and implemented what I learnt and have grown professionally and financially in the last one year. I follow her on LinkedIn which also helped me gain newer perspectives and clarity. Her coaching helped me face my internal demons and overcome them to reach the next level of success. I've committed to implement the learnings and grow 10X in the coming 1 year. Courage, Commitment to goals, Persistence, and Focus are the four words to success. If you are stuck in your career or want to grow to the next level, I highly recommend Farah's coaching. I highly recommend Farah's coaching. Thank you Farah for sharing so generously and for your support.
Dhiman Bhattacharyya
Expert Writer, Editor, Strategist, Marketer
Working with Farah over six months was really a life changing and amazing journey. It changed my insight and now I strongly believe that I can do anything if I commit to do it. I am a ‘possibilitarian’ and the biggest shift I have experienced is in my mindset. I can do what I put my mind to and have developed self-love. I have attracted some incredible opportunities and had some amazing wins. A big breakthrough I experienced was that I could speak with full confidence in global forums and I hosted one global meeting and it was well appreciated by my manager and other leaders. Another breakthrough is I found my rackets which I used to justify why I am not enough. I could also find my strengths. Farah is truly an inspiring and life changing coach and she not only helps you to overcome your fears and self limiting beliefs but also helps you deep dive to unlock the inner potential. I’m really excited about leaning into my gifts. I am truly blessed to have Farah as my coach and thankful for everything she taught me.
Santosha Kadam
Regional Leader, India
Farah is an incredible force - she is experienced, positive, empathetic and courageous. She leads by example. I attended her Women's Leadership Programme called 'Courage to Soar'. The program, not only helped me tap into my innate strengths, courage and resilience but also helped me create a vision for my future that inspires me. Further, through this programme, I got access to one-on-one coaching with Farah. My biggest breakthroughs were (a) overcoming my tendency to doubt myself, (b) creative problem solving, (c) relooking at the negative stories I created in my mind about situations and people, (d) practising self-compassion.She was never directive in her approach. She asked the right questions, which helped me explore my problems/concerns in different ways and then solving them became easy. She saw the best in me and brought it out!
Divya Nandakumar
Leadership Coach at Jeetva Leadership Academy
Strong will, dedicated , high energy, full of life, huge self-esteem - this is how I would like to describe Farah. Participating in the "Courage To Soar " program in June, 2020 was one of my eye opener. The program had made me build more confidence in believing that I could contribute a lot towards women empowerment. It was so encouraging to learn and grow together. "Courage To Soar" program had brought clarity to my future vision . It had helped me in exercising more of self expression. Ultimately, as I accepted myself capable to soar, I have found a sense of inner peace.Thank you so much Farah for all your support and efforts you had put into the program. If anybody is looking out there for a helping hand to soar towards your dreams "Courage To Soar" program is definitely the one you should consider.
Bijayalakshmi Sagolsem
Lead Software Engineer at Siemens Healthineers
I had the privilege to participate in one of Farah's Integral Leadership programmes earlier this year and it was truly inspirational. Having both participated in and developed leadership programmes myself, I was particularly impressed with Farah's unique ability to create a safe learning environment for increased impact. Being vulnerable was a key success marker. Being supported was at the core of the programme. Through her expertise and flawless execution, Farah has created a strong and long lasting community of women supporting women.
Jo Hayes
CEO of Habitat for Humanity, HongKong
Farah's dedication to our cohort at was phenomenal. As my exec coach, she was empathetic, supportive and super encouraging. She brings in so much positivity and a sense of calmness in every conversation. It's been a pleasure to know Farah and learn from her. She is an inspiration to all, especially to women, who are aspiring to find themselves or as she says it 'find their water' 🙂
Rachita Pandya Shah
Head of Product at Gojek | Ad-tech | InMobi | ISB | Stanford GSB
I think Farah is a one off among facilitators. Farah delivers highly successful global training solutions to Fortune 500 senior level leaders. Farah has been wholly committed from the start, often in challenging circumstances. Evaluations are consistently excellent. Personally, working with her is never testing, I love that she cares about the sessions, she gives feedback and together we work to improve
Nic Ried
I attended the integral growth for women in leadership program which was brilliantly designed and facilitated by Angie and Farah. This program provided a wonderful space to support us to really explore our life stories, and to connect with our vision, our purpose, our values.
Claire Jung
Executive Coach (ACC) Claire Jung Coaching
Farah’s approach, design and delivery of various facilitation sessions helped in meeting our objectives. We have engaged with Interact Consulting for various other needs in the organization and have always had positive feedback. It is always a pleasure to work with Farah & further appreciate her outstanding facilitation which in turn had lucrative impact we have gained in business terms as an organization for our operations in Saudi Arabia.
Shabbir Ahmad Mazumdar
Head – HR & Administration, Al Zaman Trading Co Ltd (Ajmal Perfumes – KSA)
Farah used process facilitation to help young professionals and students participating in our programs to reflect about their career direction and identify personal strengths on many occasions. All objectives in these sessions were met and we were delighted that Farah was available to facilitate them. Feedback from our students was positive and allowed them to consider their careers and personal lives and goals with new perspectives.
Monique Alfris
f you embrace this course full-heartedly and let your heart open up to new possibilities, it will be a life changing moment.
Gabriella Zanzanaini
Director of Pipeline Initiatives, The Women's Foundation
This program is really life changing. Angie and Farah helped us open up and to be vulnerable from which they begin by being vulnerable themselves. It really helped me to be calmer, and being more centered and transform myself during that process
Serene Chun
Talent Management and Learning Director ARROW Asia Pacific Ltd
After 2 days, I feel so much better equipped for every day and also with greater clarity over where I am headed. I feel I can finally live from the heart and not the head.
Georgina de Rocquigny
Founder Untapped Brandingice
Angie and Farah designed an impactful 2-day journey of self discovery and future purpose. The collaboration and sharing in the room was inspiring
Natalie Ackerman
EVP, Jack Morton Worldwide
Farah Ismail is an exceptional facilitator and a well rounded learning professional. She has a very keen eye to understand the client requirements & convert that into a well blended learning experience. Her sessions are highly energetic & participative. Farah can bring the best out of every learner through her facilitative process. She brings current tools & resources to the learning process. Farah’s comprehension of multi-cultural perspectives is phenomenal. Above all a genuine leader, continuous learner herself & hungry to give her best in all that she undertakes.
Rajini Sriraman
TVS SCS Global Freight Solutions Limited, Head - Human Resources
I get to know Farah from the women integral leadership workshop that she facilitated in Hong Kong this year. Her ways of facilitation during the entire workshop makes people feel so comfortable to open up with one another and have meaningful dialogues. The natural flow of her thoughts, her flawless way of introducing ideas and her graceful postures make facilitation look so easy and effortless. Farah is truly a very gifted facilitator and trainer who brings her participants tremendous benefits by keeping them focused, inspired and motivated during her session.
Lulu Cao
Senior Director Human Resources at Ipsos, Singapore
I attended Farah's session in Pune and I must say it was one of the best sessions I ever attended in past few years. Farah is truly passionate about facilitation And she is a role model for each of those competencies. The way she had planned each and every process, the way she facilitated the session was awesome. The processes such as ORID, unhurried conversations, world cafe left a lasting impact. Thanks Farah for a wonderful session. Looking forward to more.
Monali Ringe
Sr. Manager HR Excellence at Rieter India Pvt. Ltd
I have been privy to two of Farah's sessions over a period of 18 months. Farah's innovativeness is as diverse as the craft and guile with which she manages her sessions. Over two of her 3-day sessions I can now safely say that my knowledge and skill set to apply complex realms of management like leadership and feedback have developed immensely, and that the ideas behind teaching me these concepts are some that I'll never forget. Overall, I would highly recommend Farah's sessions to anyone in the professional world at any level of work.
Arjun Bolangdy
M&A at EY-Parthenon
I attended training by Farah on Intercultural Sensitivity Program. She is full of humor to make everyone attended during the training. This course helped me a lot while travelling across middle east and west as well. It helped me to explore my own culture and breaking down the barrier with other cultures than Indian by understanding them. This helped me to build trust with them by changing the way I behave and interpret their actions/words. In one line I can say that this has improved me a lot personally and professionally.
Devinder chauhan
Farah is an articulate, energetic, knowledgeable and passionate trainer. I had the opportunity to attend a training done by her and it was a very great session. She incorporates innovative methods in her sessions, which keeps the participants engaged and focused.She is open minded and confidently manages herself and handles questions from participants very well. I wish Farah very best in her future endeavors and I would highly recommend her as a trainer, as she naturally rises to the occasion when presented.
Somashekar Topannavar
Diageo Global Projects Program Portfolio Manager
I recently got a chance to get trained by Farah on Interpersonal Relations Skills Development and it was really very good experience. Farah's way of training was really very different and was very live and highly interactive(unlike the usual boring powerpoint sessions given by others) which made the entire session interesting with everybody taking keen interest from start to end of sessions. Appreciate Farah for her excellent training skills.
Rupeshkumar Prasad
Software Consulting at Novell
One word to describe Farah's teaching prowess - 'Amazing'. She has got sound command over the subject that she teaches; her presentation capabilities are exemplary and becomes further more effective thanks to the pertinent and real life examples that she brings up to establish her point. She is a brilliant communicator, commands very strong executive presence and focused towards a long lasting impact. Thanks Farah for one of the best sessions that I have attended and wish you all the success.
Anirban Mukherjee
Managing Director, Protiviti India Member Firm
Farah is a very committed person, and always delivers not only to expectations, often beyond expectations. I have known her personally too, and she is a very sincere and easy person to work with. A person with high integrity and equally high dedication to her work. She is the kind of person with whom you can rest assured having given her the task. Thanks for all that you have done so far Farah, and as we work together even more, I take this opportunity to wish you the very best in your personal and professional life.
Sanjay Dugar
Director - Client Management C2C Organizational Development Pvt. Ltd.
I had an opportunity to attend the Presentation Skills training provided by Farah and had a very great learning experience and she gave great personal feedback to each of the individuals out there. She The attributes I liked the most are : Energetic, Eternal optimist and great communicatorI had an opportunity to attend the Presentation Skills training provided by Farah and had a very great learning experience and she gave great personal feedback to each of the individuals out there. She The attributes I liked the most are : Energetic, Eternal optimist and great communicator
Balaji panchanathan
Microsoft Product Manager
I had the privilege to work with Farah. I must say,she is an expert in her domain and it reflects the way she conducts her sessions. She not only engages everyone but also ensures equal participation from the audience. Way to go Farah and All the Best for your future!! Top Qualities: Energy level, positive attitude,and excellent conversational skills.
Anu Dash
Manager-Operations Synchrony Financial
Farah recently provided one of the most effective training that I have attended in the recent past. The training was on Presentation Skills and her approach of engaging and connecting with the entire audience effectively and taking them through the learning together is simply unmatched.
Feby Thomas
Chief Architect | P&C Insuretech Solutions
None are so old as those who have outlived enthusiasm." I met this girl who was in her early 20's+ very enthusiast, energetic, lively and always trying to get new ideas new subjects new thought process. One who can cover the programee with an ease by interacting through her creative skills. There is lot to learn from her, she is one beautiful person i have ever met and to have got inspired and experienced that "Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young
Santosh Giridhara
Front End Developer at LinkedIn
I had an opportunity to experience presentation coaching from Farah in a group of 10. It was amazing how she could get the entire group engaged fairly quickly, built a rapport with all and took us through an effective session where everyone felt comfortable, open and confident enough to share their "fears" and stories of making a presentation. Overall, her approach was very methodical (bringing out the simple ways to lift up ones delivery style) yet so effective (that all could apply and appreciate)
Varun Grover
Operations Manager, Store Operations at Delivery Hero
I had worked with Farah at an early stage of my career. It was very motivating to see the way Farah used to make things work and her objective every time used to be the same that is "the job needs to be done successfully". i used to see her set the end result and then work backwards which used to ensure her success. She was an excellent co-worker and I am sure later whoever has worked with her has also been benifited by her strengths
Papiya (Piya) Mitra
Principal HR at Infosys
It is always a pleasure to work with Farah. We hire her regularly to conduct training programs for us and she always does a great job with impressive participant feedback.It is always a pleasure to work with Farah. We hire her regularly to conduct training programs for us and she always does a great job with impressive participant feedback.
Guillaume Gevrey
EIRL Gevrey Guillaume, Learning and Organisational Development specialist
Farah is a thorough professional who is full of energy and brilliant ideas. As a freelance professional, I wish, I had more clients like Farah. Her advice has helped me and my business tremendously. Apart from being a great source of inspiration, she's an amazing human being. And her enthusiasm, energy is contagious.. which makes working with her so much fun! I would highly recommend Farah to anyone looking for a truly great trainer
Sanjeev Sharma
Designer & Strategist
Farah was hired as a freelance trainer to deliver business etiquette and cross cultural courses for our clients. She would have no difficulty in getting excellent results with the material provided by us. She also would produce training material if there was a requirement. Farah was very devoted and had a great attitude towards her trainees and other fellow trainers. You can assign her to a project and trust the job will be done 100 %. All training sessions as well as the preparation stages, she was a pleasure to work with. I enjoyed her as a friend, as a colleague and would highly recommend her without doubt.
Nil Şengel
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company
Farah has worked with ninedots on many occasion and she has always delivered excellent results . Our clients have been happy with her delivery and she excells in the area of cross culture and Business etiquette. I would be happy to engage Farah more in the future . I wish her all the very best
Shankar Subramanian
Idea Coach, Founder and Principal Consultant - Ninedots
Farah used process facilitation to help young professionals and students participating in our programs to reflect about their career direction and identify personal strengths on many occasions. All objectives in these sessions were met and we were delighted that Farah was available to facilitate them. Feedback from our students was positive and allowed them to consider their careers and personal lives and goals with new perspectives.
Monique Alfris
For someone who never been across the portals of management institutes, people I have worked with have been the source of my continuing management education. I have been fortunate, in my career, to have worked along side/ under several professionals who I look up to for my lessons and continue to be part of my regular "Course refresh". Farah was my first real "Boss / Mentor" during my days at IBC (now Ion Ideas Inc). Even though we were working for a reasonably sized corporation, Farah brought into her role rare sense of ownership and operated as though she owned the business. This trait I believe underlines her personality and ensures her success in endeavors she lends her name to. She brings to the table loads of passion, poise & charisma and an ability to defuse difficult situation with her special brand of humor. Thank you Farah!
Raj Menon
Key Account Director, Asia Pacific at Avaloq
Farah is a highly engaged leader who is well regarded and valued. A driven, ambitious individual with an infectious enthusiasm for any project. When ideas are challenged by others, Farah listens to their view politely, but is able to maintain a position firmly and persuasively without aggression. People tend to listen and follow her example and guidance. Farah enjoys public speaking, and is very well received by audiences. Eloquent, clear, persuasive, interesting, always captures the interest and fires the imagination of listeners. Comfortable in any situation, even when speaking unprepared and without notes.Farah is one of the most professional people and a great joy to work closely with.
Dr Haidi Badawi
Founder of Future STEAMpreneur /Inclusion, Disability leader
Its been a pleasure to get to know you better working with you on the SHEmantra SHEfest. Firstly as a fellow team member - I just loved the way you listened to everyone and then articulated your thoughts in a clear and presence way with a cool, calm demeanour! Lots to learn from this Leadership trait! As a speaker too - your calm presence and authentic share was simply superb and I love your superpower - unshakable courage!! All the best Farah!!
Kavitha Garla
Business Development Consultant | Moderator/Anchor I Coach
I have worked with Farah and hired Farah for multiple projects. Why? Because she is so talented, experienced, and wise. She can train, facilitate, and the moment requires. Several times she found herself with a new topic, group, or situation. Deftly and easily she adjusted as if the change was planned. That's how good she is. Farah is one of the most talented coaches and facilitators I have ever worked with. Companies and groups see such a positive impact they continually request her. I highly recommend Farah Ismail.
Greg Zlevor
President at Westwood Int’l, Founder of HopeMaker’s Collective
My first interaction with Farah was in 2017, when I learnt about the IAF and subsequently, she volunteered to help me frame a workshop I was designing. Her passion and dedication towards Coaching and Facilitation have grown manifold since that first meeting as she has deepened her knowledge and experience in these fields. During our professional collaborations, Farah has shown agility and adaptability to suit the changing needs of the group. From workshops on Building Trust, Mapping & Building Your Professional Network, PATH workshops to one-on-one feedback on our Facilitation designs, Farah has proven to be an amazing Partner for Decathlon. She strives to understand you and your needs from the first meeting (a sign of a good Coach) and delivers beyond her scope of work each time. I am happy to call Farah a professional partner, a mentor and a friend. I look forward to a continued relationship with her and will certainly recommend her in the spaces of Coaching, Facilitation, Group Work, Leadership Development and Empowerment.
Sangita Padiyar
Decathlon Sports India, Leader - Internal Communication + Decathlon Exchange, India
Our Compliments to you for successfully facilitating the Leadership Excellence session for the Senior Managers of Oerlikon Drive Systems, India that was extremely crucial to help the leaders to align to the New Competency Framework and Performance Management System. The roll-out of Performance Management starts with the Leadership Excellence (LEX) training sessions in the Segment and was very well supported by you. It’s really amazing how you manage to make everyone feel at ease, raise awareness and interest and get everyone on board. The expectations were set very clearly and enabled everyone to understand Performance Management as a process, thereby helping us meet our Organizational Objectives. You encouraged the participants to introspect more about their styles of functioning, and unequivocally agreed on the need and importance of having a Performance and Development Dialogues with their Reports. Apart from being supportive and helpful, you were very well prepared as a facilitator. We are grateful to you for your contribution in achieving our Organizational Goals and wish you all the very best for your future endeavours.
Mr. Sunil Sehgal
Chairman and Managing Director, Oerlikon Group
Recommend Farah for her extra ordinary training sessions for Presentation Skills. She really has a very good trainer's skills and can handle trainings on any IT or PR-related skills
Avinash Kaltari
Lead Analyst at CGI
I’ve worked with Farah on many projects at ABB and have always been awed by her passion for the topic. Her session on ‘Unlocking Courage’ was hugely successful and Farah delivered to her promise of passion and energy towards her subject!
Gowri Kustugi
General Manager and Head TAS (Tata Administrative Services)- Group Human Resources at Tata Group
Before working with Farah, my vision lacked clarity and I was at a loss on where to start. The biggest breakthrough I had as a result of our coaching was that I could see my future and the steps that would take me there. I now feel that manifesting my vision is really possible. I would recommend Farah because she cares deeply and is very generous in sharing resources
Poh Hiang Tan
Regulatory Expert, Professional Integral Coach
I got a chance to join the coaching program by Farah through Leapclub. She created a very safe space for us to voice our feelings. Her sessions are very uplifting and positive. She helped me to know myself better and to play on my strengths. Thanks, Farah for being a wonderful guide & mentor.
Amrita Mallik
Digital Transformation | Innovation
My career journey has always felt more than just the corporate world. Because, it has always been intertwined with my life experiences, my family, and my own ‘self’. And when my aspirations to lead collided with motherhood, I found myself searching for guidance and coaching which didn’t dissect my executive life from the rest of my life. The Integral Growth program delivered this and more. It gave me confidence to lead in the corporate world as a women, as a mother, but most important as authentically me.
Tanya Berry
Managing Director, Trading Technology
Angie and Farah have designed an interactive leadership development course that supports and encourages women to look deeply at themselves as individuals and provides a solid grounding and hands on exploration of leadership attributes and techniques. The outcome is a connected and empowered group of women leaders.
Natalie Ackerman
EVP, Jack Morton Worldwide
There was an instant sense of comfort with Farah! She brought a deep level of empathy and intuitive facilitation to a session where we explored our personal style of leadership. Farah designed an impactful and engaging session and brings her expertise use of unique tools to help explore complex issues!
Sakshi Kumar
Credit Suisse, Vice President, Diversity & Inclusion APAC
The Integral Growth Program is very thought-provoking, transformational and practical program that left me inspired in many ways. I feel much more influential with many actionable take-aways I can apply in both my professional and personal life immediately! It’s a such gift for all women who are looking to be true leaders in their life!
Crystal Wang
Legal Counsel at Natixis
Together Farah and Angie have created a unique program that really helps to discern your inner purpose and advocate your vision.
Rina Hiranand
Head of Marketing Insights and Analytics, BlackRock
Leadership starts with self, being mindful and centered; being vulnerable and open; and getting the right tools to lead. This is the course that gives you all.
Anita Chan
COO, Barclays Hong Kong
If you want to learn more about yourself with a bunch of great women over a 6-month period and see how you can grow as a leader, sign up.
Becca Ratcliffe
SVP, Client Services Director at Jack Morton Hong Kong
It’s a brilliant journey. You will feel you learn more about yourself and you become better self after this journey. You lead by who you are, with no fear, and being peaceful.
Winnie Wang
HR VP, Fresenius Medical Care Co. Ltd
Truly unique program. Enjoyed the company of amazing women and look forward to continuing the journey.
Nagisa Konomura
Associate Director, The Economist
Great opportunity and journey to self reflect. Fantastic and unique program that affects insights into who you are. Need to experience in order to appreciate the impact.
Nagisa Konomura
Associate Director, The Economist
If someone wants to make a mindset change about leadership, they should come and join.
Lulu Cao
HR Director at Ipsos
Great way to move forward wherever you think you are at today.
Anita Chan
Director, Barclays Hong Kong
Angie and Farah designed an impactful 2-day journey of self discovery and future purpose. The collaboration sharing in the room was inspiring.
Natalie Ackerman
EVP, Jack Morton Worldwide
This course will help you discover your purpose and connect to amazing work.
Rina Hiranand
Head of Marketing Insights and Analytics, BlackRock
This workshop is not just for women but should apply for men too. It gives everyone deep insights of self
Sui Mun Kuan
Legal Business Management, Deutsche Bank
If you are lost at where you need to be headed, come to join the program
Helen Mok
General Manager, Jack Morton Worldwide
People-Centric, Outcome Based, Energizing.
We worked with Farah Ismail to design and facilitate a high performance leadership journey for high potential leaders transitioning into team leadership roles. She engaged with various stakeholders and designed a customized leadership journey relevant to the emerging needs and desired outcomes. The leadership program was unique with a blend of coaching and facilitation frameworks and tools. The coaching conversations helped participants to create their leadership blueprints and have clarity of the path ahead. The leadership sessions were very engaging with powerful nudges at the right moments. What was possible for the leaders as a result of the program was increased ownership, confidence in managing teams confidently and driving for results. Thank you Farah for your individual attention, energy and enthusiasm. Your continued support made the experience enriching for the participants.
Jayaram P
L&D Partner India, Hitachi Energy
Farah is exceptionally humble and a warm person but at the same time some one who speaks her mind. During the SHEfest , a virtual event conducted by SHEmantra community , a community of women coaches, trainers, consultants, counsellors, entrepreneurs and therapists, Farah did a session on Setting personal and professional boundaries. She was simply par excellence .It was one of the best sessions I enjoyed in the entire fest. She is not just a coach with a mastery over her area of expertise but a fantabulous speaker. I recommend her to professional women wanting to work with a coach to rise and shine in their career.
Preeti Khare
Relationship Coach
Coaching is an amazing space to introspect and problem solve with someone to guide you through the process. Farah Ismail gave me room to discover things for myself. She was a bright light in every call and helped me discover a lot about myself. She is someone who is full of love, and I simply couldn't be more thankful to experience coaching at such a crucial point in my life.
Aditi Prakash
#Farahisremarkable - This pretty much sums up who Farah is to me. She makes my heart happy. She radiates so much of love, positivity and energy onscreen, I am sure a physical meeting will be the icing on the cake. I met Farah at a brief session she had during the SHEMantra fest. And now she facilitates a lot of "give back to community" workshops on #IamREMARKABLE.

I was blessed to have the opportunity to attend my first #IamREMARKABLE workshop and within 90+ minutes I made more friends. She facilitates these workshops with so much of love, care, concern and commitment that it transforms you. It helps you shift from an area of self-pity to an area of being in control of everything in your life. It is a must recommended workshop. Gift yourself these 90 minutes with Farah and you will never regret it. Thank you Farah for being YOU. I am blessed to have you in my life.
Averyl Dsa Saldanha
HR Professional (Strategy & Transformation)
I have known Farah for almost 2 years now through a community called SHEmantra and know her professional and personal journeys. Farah is very creative, courageous and a warm person who dares to think that any thing under the Sun is achievable. She has great clarity in her thoughts and goes all out to do her best . I admire her for the bold steps she takes and is her best whatever she undertakes. Huge respect for her. I recommend her as a Coach for anyone who dares to dream but is intimidated by the path and hence does not. Farah can seamlessly empower you to achieve your dreams
Preeti Khare
Relationship and Executive Leadership
RISE, a transformative journey has been an extraordinary experience, defined not by individuals, but by the incredible impact it has had on our Cambridge University Press & Assessment community. A pivotal force in this journey was the expertise of our facilitator, Farah Ismail. Her guidance and skillful facilitation were instrumental in shaping these immersive sessions. Farah's ability to inspire and challenge us left an indelible mark on our R.I.S.E. experience. Along with the innovative thinking, EDIB (Equality, Diversity, Inclusion, and Belonging) was resonated in the way we interacted, fostering an environment where diverse voices were not just heard but celebrated.

As we move forward, R.I.S.E. remains a symbol of our unwavering commitment to continuous growth and excellence. The impact has been profound, and I eagerly await the ongoing transformations that lie ahead.
Sara Sharma
Learning & Development, Organization Development | India & South Asia |Cambridge University Press & Assessment
I got to attend a deep, enlightening session by Farah Ismail. She reflected on how simple steps can make us unleash the power of Inspired Actions. Inspired action is purposeful, passion-driven steps guided by intuition and creativity. It aligns with our goals, fuels enthusiasm, and empowers us to overcome obstacles with confidence and resilience. But as we widen the gap between inspiration and action. 𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐞𝐧𝐞𝐫𝐠𝐲 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐢𝐧𝐭𝐞𝐧𝐭 𝐦𝐚𝐲 𝐟𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐛𝐞𝐭𝐰𝐞𝐞𝐧 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐠𝐚𝐩𝐬.

1 𝐏𝐨𝐰𝐞𝐫𝐟𝐮𝐥 𝐓𝐞𝐜𝐡𝐧𝐢𝐪𝐮𝐞 𝐭𝐨 𝐎𝐯𝐞𝐫𝐜𝐨𝐦𝐞 𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐂𝐓𝐈𝐎𝐍. 𝐓𝐡𝐢𝐬 𝐍𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐅𝐚𝐢𝐥𝐬!

Thank you Farah Ismail for the light.
Manisha Gupta

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