Be a Possibilitarian

My word this week is #Possibilitarian

Pos·si·bil·i·tar·i·an: Someone who recognizes and creates new possibilities! ~ Norman Vincent Peale

I honestly believe I get to work with the best clients.

AK is in my 6 months 1:1 #Coaching Program and it has been an honor to be part of her #leadership journey. When she started working with me, she held the #belief that whatever she starts, she starts with a powerful intent but then she loses the momentum and energy around it and it is very frustrating!

She noticed a pattern of thinking: “I don’t believe I can do this. I don’t believe I can be consistent. How do I make my dreams and goals a reality? Is it even possible?”

She didn’t have the #confidence and #courage to take the next step in her leadership journey and was sabotaging her success by
focusing on lack and self-doubt.

Her SHIFT: Her #mindset. She started with a #commitment to not stay where she is, to see #possibilities and be willing to disrupt the status quo.

She embraced a new identity – ‘I am a possibilitarian’ and believes that she can do just about anything she sets her mind to doing. She has learnt to be kind to herself!

Her RESULTS: A well deserved promotion and many other firsts that gave her immense fulfilment! First ever presentation to company CEO, First talk on youtube on a topic close to her heart, building inclusivity in her team interactions, to name a few.

The shift from being Frustrated to Fulfilled isn’t easy but
it is possible!

What about you? Are you a possibilitarian?

If you’re serious about living the Dreams and not just Dreaming, Creating New possibilities for yourself, drop a ❤️ below.

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