It starts with saying YES

Back home with specks of sand, Berber leather poufs, tons of inspiration, deep gratitude, and a sense of aliveness after the retreat that will last much longer than the trip.

! Yes to….

dreaming big
speaking on stages
new adventures
serious work and fun
making new friends
being me

And I’ve truly had some unforgettable experiences here.

2hrs of quad biking in the Agafay desert. A first for me. Not for the faint-hearted : . ’ ‘ .

Riding a camel in the desert and being amazed by Mohamed, our guide, who shared his life and aspirations. : .

Spending a day exploring Marrakesh with Siham, my new Moroccan friend. We toured the souks, ate street food, rode on her bike through the narrow alleys of the Medina, visited the Bahia palace, and more. : .

Creating a beautiful piece of art that will adorn my home… as part of a creative experience with henna. : , . , !

Learning from my amazing friends from all around the world. It’s what brought me here and I feel enriched by the passion, purpose, and difference that we want to make in unique ways. : , , . – .

Morocco holds a special place in my heart and I hope to be back soon. Dreams do come true!


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