5 Ways to Experience the Power of IAF Community

Facilitation Impact Awards IAF Community November 2023

‘Get in communities and environments that inspire you to achieve greater!’

As we are preparing for THE most iconic event in the world of facilitation – Facilitation Impact Awards, I am feeling grateful and blessed being a part of this incredible community.

International Association of Facilitators has been an incredible gift to me. The memories are precious – of growth, belonging, friendships, collaboration, contribution, achievement and impact.

Here are 5 ways to experience the power of being a part of the IAF.

1. Be an Active Member: I have learned so much since I became an active member of the community since 2011. Slowly, the community became my home – a home that embodies generosity, creativity, learning without boundaries, and creating long lasting friendships.

2. Participate & Volunteer: It was in 2011 that I first attended the IAF Asia Conference and after that there was no turning back. Laura Hsu, CPF Master, your session ‘Questioning Laboratory’ was the turning point when I started to explore deeper. Excited to attend the next one in December in India.

When you experience the magic of facilitation and collaboration, it is inevitable that you rise up to create these experiences for others. A special one was the IAF Asia Conference in Taiwan 2016 when I co-facilitated with 2 colleagues and amazing facilitators – Vinay Kumar and Rhonda Sparks-Tranks – Master Facilitator (CPFM).

3. Commit to Higher Standards: I unearthed a treasure that has been a beacon in my journey as a facilitator. I received a gold pin in recognition of being certified as one of the 600+ global IAF Certified Professional Facilitators (CPF) in 2015. The pin is a constant reminder of why I love facilitation and how I serve my clients.

4. Serving on the Board: I served as the Regional Director Asia with a vision of shaping the future & promote the power of facilitation globally, especially in Asia. Working with a diverse Board for 3 years was an incredible learning experience. Our first IAF Global Board meeting was in Uruguay in 2019. Thank you, Trevor Durnford, for hosting us. Truly epic!

5. Facilitation Impact Awards: All things point to IAF when we get down to celebrate the incredible results and impact of facilitation worldwide. I am honoured and excited to co-host the Facilitation Impact Awards on 2nd November 2023, with the master curator Jeffer London – Leadership Facilitator and other amazing colleagues from across the globe. You can register here.

I know that there are so many people and experiences that have made this remarkable community special. I hope you see yourself in my share.

What is your story of inspiration in IAF? Do you believe communities inspire you to reach higher?

If you’ve found a piece of your journey in these words and you want to know what facilitative leadership means, I invite you to join me further. Let’s continue the conversation. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel and grab your free copy of “Dare to Be You” eBook here.

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