Three Keys to Being a Catalyst

What does it mean to be a catalyst in your profession?

Catalyst  –   /ˈkatəlɪst/   –  Noun

The dictionary definition of a catalyst is an agent that provokes change or sparks a reaction without being consumed in the process.

Here are three keys that I believe are pivotal in being a catalyst:

  1. Commitment to serve, spark a change or create phenomenal results. I am discovering that great transformation requires great commitment.
  2. Creativity to see possibilities and bring something into existence out of nothing. This is the fertile ground to create miracles.
  3. Courage to share these ideas with other people and invite them into those possibilities. This is helpful in changing our thinking about how ‘it’s usually done’.

Over the last few weeks, I have had coaching conversations with clients so that they can accomplish more that they ever imagined, while honoring where they are that given moment.

The most powerful shift in being a catalyst is in serving without any attachment to the outcome. And guess what – it is a combination of the 3 C’s – commitment, creativity and courage !

Do you want to be a catalyst?

Here is an experiment in choosing to spark a conversation.   I do hope you will test this and notice how it impacts you or the other person.

Pick any one of the 5 gifts below and consider giving it to ONE person today. If you are willing to go for it, then do it again.

  1. Gift of appreciation – Write a note or send a voice note to someone you wish to acknowledge.
  2. Gift of your presence – Your presence will always trump any present! Be there.
  3. Gift of adventure –Be a navigator or guide and invite others to create memories, experiences and adventures.
  4. Gift of courage – Be comfortable to present your true self rather than a perfect version of you.
  5. Gift of celebration – Celebrate a moment, a miracle, a dream, a meeting, an unexpected gesture, an insight.

This week give yourself permission to find what is new and unexpected.  Surprise yourself.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing – Helen Keller

I’ve committed to having 25 courageous conversations over the year to show up powerfully in service of my clients. No strings attached. If you are really want things to be different, lets talk. 5 more spots remaining. You can book one of the calls here.

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