Are You Choosing More ROI or ROL?

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Amir Kartouti is a master creator. His incredible masterclass ‘Insanity and Humanity – Welcome to the Wild Side of Coaching’ as part of the AJC Coaching School could not have come at a better time.  This past month, I really have been redefining what it means to be present from a place of love and create from simplicity.

Amir created the experience even before the masterclass with his powerful invitation. I was ready and open to explore deep. He blew my mind as he showed up to the moment with vulnerability and being true to himself. Through his stories he weaved magic – that pointed to a very powerful realization.

All answers are within. We have it all built in. Sometimes, we need to be gently reminded.

Have you ever been in a room when your questions were answered even before you asked them? That experience was wild. Here are my learnings and powerful reminders from Amir’s unforgettable masterclass:

  • Focus on ROL (Return on Life) – When I create my experiences, my business and my relationships from a place of love and bringing more ROL in my life, things open up magically.  I create with ease and joy, and the ROI (Return on Investment) goes up too. It made me reflect on all the ways I can exponentially invite ROL in my life and for my clients.
  • Set up the table – When I don’t know where to begin, would I rather be useful or truthful? This is a powerful invitation to BE ME,  honor where I am, to acknowledge I have different states of mind and to show up ‘in spite of the states of mind. Choose to play from here. Create anyway.  Give myself grace and even have a daily mistake quota to make mistakes. This allows me to meet people where they are.
  • Be the lighthouse – When I am connected in my own being and to my humanity, the more I am of service of my clients. The goal is to be lit up with ease and comfort of my being so my clients have the space to find the answers.  The goal is not to be an expert or to have quick, better answers. When I am lost, remember to be the lighthouse. It is our humanity that lights us up.
  • Be the curator of a museum – As a coach, I walk alongside my clients as a guide and we are in the business of slowing down, of settling down, of seeing what we see, of being in the moment, of being truthful. They find answers in this space and it is magical.

This experience reminded me once again that we can invite ROL (Return on Life) and create our experiences and our business intentionally.  I have tried to share the essence of what I took from the masterclass.

How do you choose more ROL in your life?

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