What is Playing BIG?

Courage to soar - playing big 2024

Since I began to explore this idea of playing bigger in my life and my business, I have been having inspiring conversations with my coach, clients, peers, and friends.

What I realized is that for some, the idea of playing bigger feels like a passion, a calling. They are committed to “playing bigger” in their lives and careers and making an even bigger difference in their companies, their communities, or the world. They are tired of settling for a life of waiting, hiding, or holding back.

For others, “playing big” feels like it’s yet another way to add more on their already full plate.

Let me tell you what “playing big” means to me.
  • Honouring my authentic dreams and callings as an inspirational female leader – navigating all the inner and outer challenges so that I can boldly create a life I yearn for. Despite the fears and self-doubt!
  • Letting my ideas, creativity and action flow naturally in my life and work. This is energising, never exhausting. I am not doing more or pressuring myself.
  • Taking one small courageous step to break free from self-doubt. And choosing to wake up to my power and my potential.

What I believe is that only YOU can discern what playing big looks like for you.

Let me share a secret – playing small is draining!

What does ‘playing BIG’ mean to you? What’s one specific way you’re ready to start playing bigger in your life?

I am diving deep in the work of Tara Mohr and playing BIG, and what does it mean to be a woman in business. I believe the magic lies in defining your own version of playing big that’s energizing rather than exhausting.

Over to YOU… What is your version of playing BIG? Leave a comment below.

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