Why I’ve gone Back to School?

Did you know one of the most common regrets people have is inaction –Daniel Pink calls it ‘boldness regret’.

If only I’d taken the chance.
If only I’d launched my business.
If only I’d spoken up…..

These regrets of boldness reveal our fundamental need to learn, grow and lead a life that makes a big difference. The lesson is evident.

Take the chance. Take action. You won’t regret it.

Why am I sharing this?  I decided to take inspired action, once again🔥

I made a bold decision to go go back to school, this time of a different kind.  I have enrolled in the AJC Coaching school led by Ankush Jain as a way to continue building a world-class coaching and consulting business.

  1. I made this investment so that I can be more audacious and show up even more powerfully in service of my clients.
  2. I am super excited about being a student again. While school starts in September, the learning has begun. The resources and pre-school webinars have been immensely invaluable. I’ve learned so much already and have taken massive action.
  3. There’s a lot to share in the coming months. However I have committed to share my experiences of the Coaching School through a bi-weekly newsletter on Linkedin – The Courage Catalyst.  Please subscribe to it here.

Going back to school at 58 is audacious! I have decided to take the chance. I know I wont regret it.

Where in your life are you not being audaciously YOU?

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Courage Catalyst Unlimited – a brand new offering for one person only who is committed to growing their practice from a position of service. You are excited to journey with me, get support and access to everything I am experiencing over the next 6 months (starts September 2023 – February 2024).

Let’s start a conversation.

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