The magic of new Beginnings

April Announcement

First things first – I started a weekly series as a Linkedin newsletter to share my learnings, challenges, musings on stepping powerfully into a life of your dreams. Choosing Courage over Comfort! This is a big commitment and I can’t imagine doing it without your support.

My goal is to share insights, curated links, resources, stories and the coolest things I’m learning about being courageous and bringing my A game to creating a prosperous, ethical and sustainable coaching and facilitation practice.

Five things in my Courage catalyst series:

The Courage Toolbox
Book I’m Recommending
Quote I’m pondering
Action that Inspires
May this enrich and support your own journey of becoming the courageous leader with ease and joy.

🧰The Courage Toolbox

Waking Up Creativity

When I decided to create this weekly newsletter, I was listening to my heart and followed the nudge to serve. I gave myself the permission to be a beginner, a student, and a ‘don’t knower’. That’s helped me wake up to my own creativity.

However you will be amazed at the messages I get from my inner critic trying to talk me out of doing it. It constantly reminds me that I am not creative enough, I don’t know how to this, I don’t have enough ideas and the list goes on! Whew!

All of us are creating something – a business, a relationship, a new way of serving, a new way of leading.

Magic happens when we listen to our heart and shift from the mindset of knowing to learning.

Imagine our mind is a room where we keep all our usual ideas about our life  – business, relationships, leadership, career, health, adventure, etc. The room has a door that is slightly ajar and out there is a lot of dazzling light – a lot of new ideas that can be experimented.

We have two choices :

  1. Grab the doorknob and shut the door. FAST. Way too uncomfortable
  2. Gently nudge the door a little further open. Willing to explore and create.

Sometimes all we need is the smallest of nudges to wake up to our creativity.  All too often it is audacity that moves us into taking inspired action.

What are you inspired to create?

📚 Book I’m Recommending

The Ultimate Coach

A book that I highly recommend is “The Ultimate Coach’ written by Amy Hardison and Alan D Thomson.

The book of Being is not an ordinary book – it is not a book about how to coach, not a self help book, actually it is not a book of doing anything! It’s a book about BEING and a book about YOU. When you read it about the extraordinary Steve Hardison, it is his biography. When you read it about YOU, it is your autobiography!

This is not easy and it took me some time to be able to read it about myself. I am reading it for the 2nd time and I am creating miracles everyday as it speaks to my spirit.

‘Some things speak to your mind. Some things speak to your heart. Some things speak to your soul. And some things speak into your spirit’                                                       – Rev Dr Ivanla Vanzant

If you wish to know more about the book, how to read the book about you, and you are curious to know how it has altered who I am being today, connect with me and let’s talk.

💡 Quote I’m Pondering 

“Run from what’s comfortable. Forget safety. Live where you fear to live. Destroy your reputation. Be notorious. I have tried prudent planning long enough. From now on I’ll be mad”  – RUMI

🌟Action that inspires

Be OK to begin as a beginner! 

😄 Playground 

This is anything that makes you either Grin, Gasp or Giggle. 

Grin because you’re excited with possibility. Gasp because you’re thinking “How am I ever going to pull this off?”  Giggle because you’ll LOVE IT if it actually happens!

A week ago, I made a bold decision to go back to school, this time of a different kind. I have enrolled in the AJC Coaching Career School and am super excited about being a student again. While school starts in September, the learning has begun.

I am committed to sharing as much as possible about my journey of building a prosperous, ethical and sustainable coaching practice with you. I am excited as I am starting to see infinite possibilities. Did I tell you that I’ve committed to travel 3 times to London over the next 6 months to attend the school?

Not only am I grinning and giggling .. can you hear me gasp??

I hope you find my thoughts useful for your own journey. I’d love to hear from you.

Keep Couraging

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