Choosing Courage in 2023

The Ultimate Coach

Have you seen my eyes light up when I am speaking about stepping courageously into 2023 ? I am reading the Book of Being titled  *The Ultimate Coach* written by Amy Hardison and Alan D Thompson. This book is like no other book I have read before.

Here is why this book is unique.

  • The book is not just about the Ultimate Coach Steve Hardison. It’s about me!
  • There are unique instructions to read the book – to read the back cover and the 1st two pages to experience the magic of reading about YOU.
  • If you are read The Ultimate Coach book about Steve Hardison, it will be a biography and you’ll read about his brilliance….However, if you are read the book about YOU, it will be an autobiography.
  • You won’t be the same person after you read it about you!

The book of BEING has changed how I show up in the world.  I have been moved, touched, humbled and inspired as I find myself throughout the book.

There is nothing more empowering than realizing you can create the life you want by expanding your state of being. 

Curious to know more about this book and to step courageously into 2023?  Reply BEING to spark a conversation.

I am excited to share how I have elevated my state of being.

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