What Is Your Train Ride?

Train Ride, Train

This is the backstory…

For a long time, I believed that the most significant moment of my life was in 2006 when I made the BIG decision of my life. I decided to step away from a life that wasn’t serving me and start my life from scratch. I was scared as I had to reimagine everything and take a leap of faith without any clue of what was ahead of me.

I found myself wanting to live with a greater sense of freedom to express my voice and create my dreams boldly. Yet, I found myself in a prison of my own thinking and kept feeling stuck and helpless for years after that big decision.

One day, I decided to book a trip to Mysore, a 2-hour train ride from my city. It costed almost nothing, and it is a choice you could make easily, anytime. Not for me!

This train ride changed my life.

It helped me step out of my fears and my own prison and step into believing in myself and creating new possibilities. This 2-hour train ride felt like a leap. I felt free as I let go who I thought I was and stepped into who I create myself to be.

This was my moment of playing BIG and it has made a massive difference to my life. This train ride was my ticket to freedom – from my inner fears and self-doubt.

“Playing big is being more loyal to your dreams, not your fears.”  – Tara Mohr

I began to make this the focus of my work, and my executive coaching practice became a kind of laboratory to discover: what really made the biggest difference in helping us be courageous, to fear less and to live our dreams?

What is one small step that will take you closer to your dreams and calling? What is your train ride?

This is why I was inspired to start a group coaching program, Courage To Soar, to create a space that is a portal to freedom, to allow individuals to play big in their lives and career, and to guide them to head in the direction of discomfort.

If you would like to be on the list for the next offering, please book a call here.

Remember, only YOU can discern what playing big looks like for you. So, if you’ve found a piece of your journey in these words and you want to know what reimagining really means, I invite you to join me further. Let’s continue the conversation. You can subscribe to my YouTube Channel and grab your free copy of “Dare to Be You” eBook here.

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